Major National Retail Chain

Overhaul of a Proprietary CRM

my role
UX Design Lead, UI Design, Project Management

tools used
Sketch, InDesign, InVision App, CSS, HTML, JQuery, Bootstrap


A major national retailer developed proprietary software to guide managers and sales associates though the sales process. The software was outdated, ran on an unsupported operating system, cumbersome, and difficult to learn.

New associates required 3-6 moths to become proficient with the CRM. The UX team was tasked with overhauling the user experience to reduce the training time and costs.


low fidelity wireframes of the CRM dashboard

Initial interviews of stakeholders were done to define user flows. Users were interviewed and observed on-site using the current software to gain insights. CRM systems were evaluated of companies in the same landscape and related industries.

Research efforts established a baseline of how other CRM's features helped sales associates be more effective.

The team created several iterations of low fidelity wireframes. I presented the low-fi wireframes to stakeholders and associates. Refinements were made based on feedback gathered. The process was highly effective to help identify necessary core features and deprecated functionality to eliminate.

Once low-fi wireframes got stakeholder sign-off, the team created high fidelity wireframes to flesh out the UI. I led efforts to establish a pattern library for rapid UI development.

Next, I created prototypes of user flows using high fidelity wireframes. Prototypes were highly effective to help stakeholders and users fully understand how the product function.

project recap

Tablet view demonstrating the responsive design for the web-based app.

An iterative design process was a key factor for the team's success. Regular collaborative reviews helped identify oversights and missing features early in the process.

As the UX design lead, the Agile-like was essential to successfully manage the project. I set goals for team members, managed multiple timelines, and flag potential issues early on in the itereative environment. After months of collaborative work, we created a user experience that was intuitive, easy to learn and engaging.

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